Tylka Printing
Tylka Printing Family

It all began in 1912 when Vendel Tylka came to America from Slovakia. He founded the printing company in 1927 and through dedication to quality and service saw it become an American success story. His two sons, Wendell and Edward, were a part of this success.

Fast forward to present day operation, where Edward's son and daughter, David Tylka and Linda Tylka Hlado are sticking with proven basics as they expand their solid reputation and service to include new markets in new areas. Proven basics? Those would be strong-willed determination to get each job right, openness to clients' ideas, and employees who are like family.

At Tylka Printing, we keep you in mind by producing your job the most efficient and economical way. Our goal is to help you cut cost dramatically.

Our Guarantee: We will print to your satisfaction and on time.